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Korda Carpers Collection DVD Box Set

  • korda Carpers Collection Volume 1 4 part DVD boxed set
  • The box set contains the groundbreaking Undertaining Parts 1, 2 and 3 together with a compilation of the very best shows from the Thinking Tackle Series 1 as shown on Sky Sports.
  • Running Time: 14 hours approx.

Korda State of the art underwater part 1

  • State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing shows you, for the first time, how fish feed by putting a camera right in front of their nose! Never before have anglers been able to study the behaviour of their quarry in totally natural surroundings, at such close quarters.
  • Presented by Danny Fairbrass this DVD was filmed on location at Horseshoe Lake Gloucestershire. 
  • Running time approx 4 hours.

Korda State of the art underwater part 2

  • Once again Danny Fairbrass, Korda Developments and Dive Out Productions bring you never seen before underwater footage which answers questions anglers have debated since Isaac Walton first dipped a quill into his local pool!

Korda State of the art underwater part 3

  • Part 3 continues the groundbreaking underwater footage in Part 1 that has amazed carp anglers worldwide. Shot at RMCA's aptly named Blue Pool in the south of England this film again concentrates on studying the carp feeding on the lake bed from a fishes eye view. Add to this new space-age graphics and chaptering by rig, this two disc, 3 hour epic can be enjoyed in a single sitting or broken up as you wish. So pull up an easy chair, relax and prepare to enter the world of the carp!

Korda Thinking Tackle series 1

  • Korda Thinking Tackle DVD (Double Disk Approx Run Time 2 hours 41 minutes) marks the dawn of a new era of Carp Fishing Shows.  You will share the experience of fishing alongside Danny Fairbrass and his guests as they tackle a number of different waters with different styles of carp angling.


Show 2 Winter Day Ticket Water Holyfield Essex

  • Ultra Pressured Water
  • Modern Rig Camouflage and New Rig Items
  • Advanced Maggot Rigs and Tricks
  • Common Carp to 30lb +

Show 4 Spring Day Ticket Water Gloucestershire

  • Full introduction to plastic baits
  • How to deal with heavy weed and no clear spots
  • Gaz Fareham instant bite approach
  • Linear and Fully Scaled Carp to 30lb +

Show 5 Bivvy'd up v Stalking Chilham Mill, Kent

  • Ben Hamilton's baits, rigs and stealth tactics
  • Danny introduces Marker, Float, Spod and Ultra Tight Baiting
  • Loads of Carp and Grass Carp to 29lb +

Show 6 Terry Hearn Carp School- Berkshire

  • Carp God Terry Hearn teaches float fishing
  • Terry's Floater Baits, Rigs and Techniques will add another dimension to your angling
  • The most explosive takes and action of the series

  • Model: DVD BOX SET
  • Manufactured by: Korda

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